Aimee Bender uses magic realism to describe the family of four seriously depressed people. At age 9, Rose discovers she can taste feelings in food when she bites into her mother’s cake. She is horrified to learn her cheerful mother is actually desperate and empty. Her mother becomes a carpenter and has an affair that […]

Lost and Found

As a new feature on the site, I will begin publishing an expanded definition of literary curiosities for us to love, hate, or make fun of together. This includes lost and found letters, lists, how-to manuals, and anything else that tells a story. Feel free to share your finds as well, and perhaps we’ll post […]

Post mortem photography may seem like an awfully gruesome tradition when looked at through today’s lens. At the death of a loved one, family members gathered together, arms wrapped around the beloved’s corpse, for one last photo. A hired photographer would pose the body to make it look life-like, and then capture the last image […]

Dita: Stripteese

In a porn world gone mad for double penetration and anal cream-pies, orifices have become more important than the girl in modern visual portrayals of our sexuality. The beauty, the flirtation, the tension is increasingly stripped away. Instead, a spastic woman pleads to her partner how badly she really wants it, trying to make it […]

Kafka on the Shore

As one of our greatest living storytellers, Haruki Murakami has the ability to weave circumstances together that ordinary writers would not touch. He continues to demonstrate his ability in Kafka on the Shore. In the wrong hands his visions could easily branch in to silly gimmick. Fish fall from the sky. Colonel Sanders pimps in […]

With a different take on the apocalypse trend of recent years, author George Saunders offers us CivilWarLand in Bad Decline. This time our darker days ahead are wrapped in black comedy. His vision of the future shows America knocked back a few steps, with horse drawn automobiles and pickled punk sideshows. Those of us left […]

Never Let Me Go

Ya know, I was totally okay with human cloning. I didn’t see a “perfected human” coming along any time soon, simply because we could never agree on what that means. I think people ultimately desire little versions of themselves. Bookworms want brains, jocks want biceps, and models want cheekbones. And nature does a pretty good […]

Do you like ninjas? Who doesn’t, right? Especially when they are flipping out and cutting off heads. But I doubt anyone obsesses over ninjas as much as a ten year old boy named Robert Hamburger. He can’t stop thinking about them. “These guys are cool; and by cool I mean totally sweet.”

The thing I love about small presses is they can have just as much passion about bringing great fiction into the world as the writers that create it. With a handful staff at best, it is their love of literature that keeps them afloat. They know the odds. If  they wanted to get rich quickly […]

I was recently asked about a contemporary writing movement that we love here at Grind Show.  Bizarro Fiction. Bizarro stories are known for being unique, edgy, and well, bizarre. They can be thought-provoking and satirical, but are meant to be entertaining above all else. Like the Beat writer movement in the 40’s and 50’s, literary […]

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